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Our Mission

Earth Approved was created to help raise awareness of product safety. Prevent the use of harmful substances that may do us harm. Including Cancer, Harm to Reproductive system, Un Born Child, Birth defects Autism, and more. We will Help those already affected, and continue to fight for a cure.

The APP will be a self funding unstoppable worldwide cancer Preventing, Fighting machine. Every time the APP is used it will be raising money to fight cancer!

Join Us

Cancer isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round Efforts gets so much attention. Help us Spread Awareness and Educate the World.

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Earth approved seal

Locally, nationally and internationally, Earth Approved is a vocal advocate for Cancer Prevention.

The Earth Approved Seal will make it easy for everyone to identify SAFE Products.

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Urgent Projects

Development of the Safe Checker APP has begun. Please follow the link to find out about updates, and the progress

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for Prevention

The Earth

Those in Need


Find your inner power by helping others

Everyone Matters! we all have something to offer, inquire what you can do to help.

Earth Approved Seal

Earth Approved seal will be awarded to products containing no harmful substances, Will be easily visible to everyone. Once approved database will be updated.

Product makers may submit there request to Info@earthapproved.org

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